Is it possible, she wonders tossing from her right to her left side, to have what I truly desire? Would its attainment bring a sense of satisfaction or merely a desire for more?

She flipped onto her back, holding up her slender hand where he’d placed the diamond ring only two hours before and marveled at how it twinkled in the darkened room.

Is it even possible to truly know what I desire? Is it honestly the marriage I desire-to be legally bound to him till death do us part? Or is it merely his companionship and attention I crave, unencumbered by a ceremony of well-wishing witnesses and “I do’s”?

Stifling a yawn, she thinks that thinking about what I want is too confusing.

Instead, I will want what I have and take it gladly. I will say “I do” and be happy.

And with that, she closed her eyes and was able at last to drift into a dreamless, desireless sleep.

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