Into the Woods (part 1)

Her question was, “Why does love hurt so much?” to which the crone replied, “Go into the woods, daughter, go deep, deep into the woods. There you will find answers. There you will find healing.”

So she did as the old woman bade her, making her way through that virgin territory. Thick and wild it was, and mysterious too. Dark. Moist. Air heavy with the scent of rich earth and green, growing things. Unexpected, unexplained noises jumped out through the dense silence as she made her way, step by careful step—dodging, bending, crouching, climbing—further in, deeper in.

She walked till she could go no further, her body having grown weary long ago, stopped altogether. She crumpled to the ground and wished for sleep to bring peace. But her frenzied soul would have nothing of it. She remembered words not spoken. Walls that refused to come down. She was scared, yes, terrified, and the terror won. Her beloved walked away. Left, while her mask refused to shed the tears that bled instead from her heart, unseen. This ache inside does not go away. It leaves her angry, restless, afraid.

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