Into the Woods (part 6)

She wakes to bird songs and the warmth of Helios against her skin. She flutters tired eyes open and watches as the demon melts with the morning mist. She imagines a plaintive hhiiisssss… as its body turns to smoke.

A mountain lion walks slowly through the mist toward her. Golden sunlight sparkles off its green eyes and highlights tawny muscles—a powerful specter. It stops where the demon had been, sniffs and paws the ground. It growls. She flinches, vulnerable and afraid in the face of this mighty creature. Then it sits and watches her, eyes half closed, a rumble rolling from it’s chest—the cat is purring. Its purr grows louder, and as it does, the beast’s edges blur, shifting until what sits before her is neither cat nor woman, but a magnificent combination of both.

“Oh,” she moans, marveling at the creature’s beauty.

Moments pass. Then she-cat speaks with a voice rich and deep. “To believe in another is not wrong, to not listen to your heart, is. Your scars are old and deep. But with these scars, your wisdom has grown.” She-cat places a long, muscular hand over her heart.

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