Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 1)

The apartment Rosie the kitten shared with her humans, Mr. and Mrs. Brightwood, was full of commotion. It was moving day.

Already that morning, Rosie and her little red mouse had had several adventures. Once, she climbed into a box right before a mover brought it outside. It wasn’t until the box was loaded on the truck that someone recognized the meowing was coming from inside the box and brought Rosie back inside. Not much later, she got stuck on the patio outside when someone closed the door. She had to scratch the door several times before someone let her back in.

Another time, she escaped into the apartment building hallway. As their neighbor’s door opened, Rosie slipped inside. “Why hello little kitty!” the neighbor lady said, side stepping to avoid tripping over Rosie.

The neighbor cat jumped from the back of a chair. “What’s in your mouth?” he growled. He was twice as big as Rosie. His fur was short and smoky gray. He had clear blue eyes.

“Mylittleredmouse,” Rosie tried to say, but it was hard with a full mouth.

“Hmmm…” The gray cat slinked closer. He was staring hard at the little red mouse, licking his lips.

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