Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 2)

“Uh oh,” Rosie hissed, her back arched and ears flattened. In the next instant, she sprinted between the neighbor’s legs, back out to the hallway and into her own apartment. There she dodged several more pairs of feet until she settled beneath a chair in the living room. She firmly tucked the little red mouse beneath her front paws and watched the action from a safe distance.

The little red mouse was Rosie’s favorite toy. Mr. and Mrs. Brightwood had given it to her the very first day she came to live with them six months ago. Rosie had only been a few weeks old then. She was the smallest of her five brothers and sisters, with the biggest voice. She had long, soft black and white fur, alert yellow-green eyes and was very playful. Mr. and Mrs. Brightwood fell in love with her at first sight. Rosie liked the Brightwoods too, though it was hard to leave her cat family that day. The little red mouse made her feel less lonely. It hadn’t left her side since.

Six months ago, Mrs. Brightwood’s tummy hadn’t been so big either, and she didn’t waddle when she walked. Their moving had something to do with Mrs. Brightwood’s growing tummy, but Rosie didn’t understand why they needed more room.

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