Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 3)

Six months ago, the little red mouse looked different too. When it was new, it had two rounded red felt ears. Its black braided tail was longer and not frayed at the end. It had a full set of white thread whiskers. And the black stitches for its eyes and the pink ones for its mouth had been complete. Rosie didn’t care that it didn’t look brand new anymore. The little red mouse was her best friend.

Rosie rested her white chin on the little red mouse and watched more boxes being taken away, including the one with the rest of her toys. She’d made sure to rub the box several times already with her scent so she could find it easily again.

Just as Rosie’s round eyes were beginning to droop with an oncoming nap, two big feet appeared right in front of her pink nose, and the chair she was sitting beneath began to move up and away. The unexpected movement scared Rosie. She darted into the bathroom to hide under the sink. In her haste, the little red mouse was left behind. “Oh no!” she mewed. “I’d better find it.” When she ran to the living room, the chair was gone. And so was her mouse! “Oh no!” she meowed, running to where both objects had just been. She sniffed and pawed the carpet to capture the toys scent. She smelled her little red mouse, and started to follow the trail, but then Mr. Brightwood found her. “There you are, you little fluff ball,” he said, picking her up. “We’re going for a ride now, Rosie.”

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