Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 6)

The next few days Rosie spent inside with her humans. Mrs. Brightwood was putting together a “nursery” for “their little one.” Rosie wasn’t sure what all that meant, but she liked the room. There was lots of light and pretend animals piled in one corner that Mrs. Brightwood had to remind Rosie more than once were not cat toys, a bookcase that was short enough for her to jump on top of, and two very good window sills for napping and world watching. But Rosie’s favorite thing in the room was the bed with tall side rails. She got into the habit of jumping in there for her afternoon naps. After awhile Mrs. Brightwood gave up telling her “this is not a cat bed,” and put an extra blanket in it for Rosie to sleep on.

When the Brightwoods let Rosie outside for the first time, she was a little scared and shy. She stayed close to them, not sure what to make of the wide open space. At the apartment, she’d only had a little outside patio to play on. But the back yard was at least a thousand times that big! She wasn’t sure what to make of the birds and butterflies fluttering here and there, or the squirrels running across the top of the fence. It didn’t take long before Rosie was playing with them. And that wasn’t all—there were bugs to chase, and grass to chew and trees to learn to climb and bushes to hide beneath. And best of all, next door there was a puppy named Bert! Bert and Rosie became instant friends. He was a black lab puppy with chocolate brown eyes and very big paws. They played and took naps together in the sun, swapping stories about their great adventures until they fell asleep.

Bert’s family were the Pepovitch’s. They were very nice people, and welcomed Rosie and the Brightwoods right away to the neighborhood. With all her new friends, Rosie barely noticed that she missed her little red mouse a little less each day.

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