Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 7)

In the evenings the Brightwoods often watched TV. They were too tired to do anything else. Rosie usually sat on one of her human’s lap and rested, tired from a day of playing.

One particular evening as they watched a funny movie, Mrs. Brightwood stopped in the middle of a laugh to make a strange noise. “Honey,” she said, “I think it’s starting.”

Mr. Brightwood jumped up, upsetting Rosie where she dozed on his legs.

Soon after, the Brightwoods left with a suitcase. Rosie watched them drive away from the window sill, wondering when they’d come back. She hoped it would be soon.

She went into the nursery and curled into a ball in the crib. She dreamt of her little red mouse, and woke feeling very lonely and hungry.

In the kitchen, she discovered her food bowl was nearly empty. Her humans still weren’t home. That wasn’t normal. She jumped up to the window sill hoping to see them drive in, but watched Mrs. Pepovitch walk over from next door instead.

“Hello Rosie!” Mrs. Pepovitch called as she unlocked the front door. “It’s your neighbor. I’m here to feed you. Where are you, little kitty?”

Rosie watched Mrs. Pepovitch pour kitty kibbles into her pink food dish before she padded over to greet her. “Hello!” she meowed loudly, purring as Mrs. Pepovitch scratched behind her ears. “Thank you,” she mewed and began to eat.

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