Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 7)

Mrs. Pepovitch came back that night and again the next morning to feed her. “They’ll be home in a little while with your new family member,” Mrs. Pepovitch smiled. “Isn’t that exciting, Rosie?”

Rosie looked at Mrs. Pepovitch with wide, unblinking eyes.

“Oh, you don’t understand.” Mrs. Pepovitch waved a hand. “That’s okay. You will soon enough,” she laughed.

Not too long after Mrs. Pepovitch left, Rosie was roused from a nap by the familiar sound of a car in the driveway. She jumped to the windowsill and watched Mr. Brightwood get out of their car and then open the passenger door for Mrs. Brightwood. They both waved when they saw Rosie. “Hello!” she meowed. She was so excited to see them, she stood on her hind legs and scratched at the window.

Instead of coming inside right away, Mr. Brightwood opened the car’s back door and pulled something out. The thing had a handle, so it reminded Rosie of her cat carrier, but there was no door on it. There was something small bundled inside. Rosie couldn’t tell what it was.

She ran to the door to greet her humans. “Hello! I missed you!” she meowed, rubbing their legs.

“Hi Rosie!” Mr. and Mrs. Brightwood both said. They looked tired, but happy. Mrs. Brightwood picked Rosie up and covered her face with kisses. “I’m so glad to see you, my little cutie pie. We have someone very special for you to meet. Come with us.”

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