Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 8)

Mrs. Brightwood carried Rosie to the nursery. Mr. Brightwood followed, carrying the bundled thing in front of him.

Mrs. Brightwood sat Rosie on the window sill above the crib and lifted the bundled thing out of its carrier. She unwrapped it. It started to wiggle a little. “Rosie,” she said, removing the hat from the wiggly thing’s head, “this is Lily. She’s our baby girl.” Mrs. Brightwood kissed the baby’s cheek.

Rosie stared at the baby. She didn’t really know what to think about the small human.

“And,” Mr. Brightwood said, “look what we found.” He pulled out Rosie’s little red mouse from where it had been lodged in the side of the car seat. “It must’ve fallen in there somehow during the move.” He placed the toy at her paws.

“My little red mouse!” Rosie meowed loudly before picking it up in her mouth. “Thank you!” She ran next door to show Bert the long lost toy he’d heard so much about, but didn’t stay long. She found she wanted to get back and watch the strange new creature called Lily.

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