Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 9)

Rosie liked the way Lily smelled and her coos and gurgles and sleeping snorts. She even liked the bubbles she made as she slept. She didn’t care for the dirty diapers, or the crying. When those things happened, she ran outside to play with Bert.

That night Rosie woke up when she heard Lily fussing. She’d been sleeping on the window sill above the crib. Without thinking too much about what she was about to do, Rosie dropped her little red mouse into the crib. It landed beside Lily’s closed fist. The baby’s fingers opened and flexed toward the little red mouse.

Rosie jumped into the crib and gently pushed the little red mouse closer so Lily could touch it. She began making noises that would’ve sounded like purring to an adult. But Lily’s newborn ears heard something different. She heard Rosie telling her all about the little red mouse, and what a good and true friend it was.

When Mrs. Brightwood came in for the next feeding, Rosie greeted her from Lily’s feet with a sleepy hello meow through a yawn. Mrs. Brightwood fed and changed her daughter then carried Rosie and her little red mouse back to their room. As soon as Mrs. Brightwood fell asleep, Rosie crept back to Lily’s crib with her little red mouse to sleep the rest of the night.

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