Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 10)

This happened for several days before Mrs. Brightwood realized what Rosie was doing. “You’re giving Lily your toy?” she said. “Oh, you sweet cat.” She picked Rosie up and kissed her.

Mrs. Brightwood cleaned up the little red mouse. She stitched on a new face and ears and remade the tail with new yarn so it looked more like Rosie’s fluffy tail. She made other stuffed animals—a cat, a dog, a cow, a sheep, a bat—and attached them all to a mobile she hung over the crib. Lily cooed and gurgled at the colorful mobile, reaching for the animals above.

Each night, Rosie told Lily of her old adventures with the little red mouse, and about all the wonderful adventures she had with her new-found friends. “And someday,” Rosie purred, “you’ll pass on the little red mouse. And when you do, you’ll have your own stories to tell.”

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