Oingo Boingo

She waits in the air conditioned bank for the banker to tell her whether or not she can deposit the check made out to her father’s estate.

Her father who died many years ago without a will.

The Universe has a wicked sense of humor, she thinks as Danny Eflman sings, “It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more?”

Her father loved to make people laugh and collected naughty jokes.

The banker comes back. “I’ll have to ask the legal department if this will be okay.”
“All right,” she says, thinking god damn it, it’s only two hundred and nineteen dollars!
The banker takes the paperwork and leaves her to wait again.

Her father who taught by example how to swear like a sailor.

The banker returns. “We’ll do this for you. Sign the check this way.”
She signs the check the way the banker instructs. “Thank you, you just made my day,” she tells the banker.

Her father who hugged well and often.

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