Good Intentions (part 1)

It was 1:03 a.m. when Julia decided. She had to go. Please let him still be alive, she thought untangling herself from blankets and the cat sleeping across her legs. She readied herself quietly and quickly, without turning on the lights. With any luck, she’d be back before Nana Lizzie awoke. Not that luck was something she knew much about.

She was almost at the front door when the hallway light switched on.

“Julia?” her grandmother’s sleepy voice called from the top of the stairs, “what’re you doing?”

“There’s someone, I mean a uh, a patient, at work.” Julia cursed whatever it was that made her inarticulate and kept her paralyzed like an animal stunned by headlights. She waited, heart thumping, as her grandmother closed the distance between them.

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