Good Intentions (part 6)

She’d always believed that her overall sense of discomfort, of not quite fitting in, had to do with her tragic beginning. One day, when Julia’s mother, Debbie Evans, was eight and a half months pregnant, her father, Bill Evans, had simply “lost all reason.” Why had never been made clear, but the results were. Bill Evans shot her mother, then shot himself as the police arrived. Her mother was rushed to the hospital. Julia was delivered by emergency cesarean section. Her mother died a day later and Nana Lizzie stepped in to raise her daughter’s daughter. End of tragic story.

But now… Julia couldn’t explain why she bore a female version of Mr. Reynolds face. Or how they shares the same long frame and dark hair, when her parents had been blonde, blue-eyed and average height. “This doesn’t have to mean anything,” she told her reflection. “This could be a total fluke. Some freakish natural…” she sighed, “or unnatural thing.”

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