Good Intentions (part 10)

There was something about the set to her grandmother’s jaw… “You made her marry Bill Evans, didn’t you?” Julia finished the thought as she spoke it.

Nana Lizzie smirked, shaking her head. “Like I could make that girl do anything,” she said, but the angry edge to her voice was gone, and she wouldn’t meet Julia’s eyes.

In that instant, Julia knew it was true.

“It was one of their letters that caused it, you know,” Nana Lizzie said, staring at some point on the floor.

“What?” Julia breathed.

“Bill found one of Steve’s letters to her. That’s what set Bill off that day.”

Julia could only shake her head.

“Bill came from a good family,” Nana Lizzie sounded dazed. “He would’ve given her anything.”

Julia had heard enough. She stood, straightening herself to her full height.

“Wait,” Nana Lizzie grasped Julia’s hand. “I wish I could make you understand.” Her voice was supplicant. “I’ve always done what I thought was best.” Her eyes pled with Julia.

Wordlessly, Julia retrieved the envelope and marched upstairs.

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