Different Opinions

“You don’t believe in evil?” he asked.

She wouldn’t look at him. “No, not really,” she said, temper flaring. Only ten minutes in and already her buttons were being pushed. For a first date, this has to be some kind of record, she thought, while he told her just why he believed in evil, ending with, “…and they think there are no consequences for their actions.”

“I think there are times when people make some really awful choices,” she said. “Usually, they aren’t conscious decisions. I mean, they’re making the best decisions they can, based on the options they feel they have at the time.”

He shook his head. “I agree that we have Free Will, but you have to choose a side.”

“I have to choose a side?”

“Well, ideally, yes. But I didn’t mean you in this context. I meant everyone. We choose the Light side or the Dark side.”

“Wow,” she breathed. “You really believe that? That it’s black and white like that? Good or evil?”

He nodded. “Otherwise there’s chaos,” he said.

She nodded, looked at her watch, looked at him, turned around.

“You’re turning around so soon? We only just got started with our walk,” he said.

“I’m using my free will to end this sooner rather than later,” she said.

“Well, I apologize for making you uncomfortable.”

“It takes two to make or break anything,” she said.

“Well, I take responsibility,” he said. “I should’ve been more sensitive to you.”

She kept her mouth shut. Clearly, there would be no agreeing on anything between them.

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