Life Resolves Itself (part 8)

We are soon discovered and rushed inside. The nurses and doctors determine what’s wrong quickly enough. It’s not the first time they’ve encountered such things. They poke needles in her veins. Mmm… I feel the drugs too. The bleeding slows, then stops. We’re taken to a room. Exhaustion overcomes everything else.

My mother slips into a dream. We’re all in my father’s cell. He and I have sharp teeth. Blood runs down our chins. We’re eating her alive. She wakes screaming. “Please make them stop,” she pleads. “Make them go away.” When a haggard nurse finally arrives, she injects more sedatives.

It’s then that I decide to leave. I realize I can’t help her. If I stay, she may try this again. Next time she may not be so lucky. If I stay, she’ll always wonder if the child she gave away turned out like its father.

My essence slips out of the fetuses body. The heart gradually slows, then ceases to beat. My mother comes awake, grasping her belly. She understands what’s happening. An unexpected sadness overcomes her as she feels me leave. That surprises her. She had imagined to feel nothing but relief.

I stay close for a while longer and whisper into my mother’s quiet places. “There will be a time for us to come together again,” I tell her. And this time, as she closes her eyes to sleep a dreamless sleep, I know my mother hears.

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