Night Walking (part 15)

The next day Patty went with Phil to tell Tammy. The little girl cried, which caused her little sisters to cry, which upset both Sandy and her boyfriend. “Look,” Sandy said, holding Tammy to her ample bosom, “I think you need to stop coming around here. It’s cool what you’re doing teaching my girl about wildlife and all, but enough is enough. This is too much.”

Tammy protested, but Sandy was firm.

“I’m sorry, honey,” Patty said, as they walked back to their house.

Phil said, “Sandy’s probably right. I can’t really teach Tammy a whole lot more, unless she wanted to come in and learn to be a technician, but she’s way too young.”

“Yeah, but she’s an “old” young, if you know what I mean,” Patty said.

Phil nodded. Tammy might only be eight, but he knew she’d seen a lot more life than he’d seen in his first eight years, partly because times had changed, partly because of how she was being raised. “Still too young to start working like that.”

“I know,” Patty said, and squeezed his hand.

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