Man in the clouds

man-in-clouds“Why is there a man in the sky?” Emma asked her mother as they walked.

“What man? You mean God?” Emma’s mother asked.

“No, no,” Emma said. “God has a beard. That one. In the clouds. See?” She pointed to the sky full of fluffy clouds.

Her mother stopped to look, squinting. “Well, honey,” she said. “I just see a rather odd looking creature, but not a man.”

“What’s it look like?”

“It has a big mouth with big teeth and wild hair.”

“That’s what I see, too!” Emma squealed with delight.

“But it’s not a man, Emma,” her mother said.

“It would be if the sky were a Dr. Suess book,” Emma said.

Her mother looked again at the clouds that she saw as a creepy creature, and her daughter saw as a character from Dr. Seuss. “I like your interpretation better, I think.”

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