Love Potion Number Nine (part 8)

“But first,” Casie said, “we’ll need supplies.” So we all piled into LouAnne’s car because hers was cleanest, and drove to a nearby mall. We hit the stationary store first, where we each spent an inordinate amount of time choosing the perfect pens and paper. Next, a health food store where herbs were purchased along with little cloth infusion pouches. And our last stop, Target, for “magic on a budget,” where I talked Casie out of buying several candles, for one big, fat vanilla scented one.

By the time we came back to the apartment, we were abuzz with something — excitement, anticipation, maybe even magic, I didn’t know. We sat at the little round dining table while Casie read “Love Potion Number Nine” to us, the spell we’d be casting.

“Sounds too easy,” LouAnne said.

“Kind of ridiculous,” Tina agreed, but she was smiling and bouncing in her seat like she did when she got excited.

I smiled at Casie. “I’m game.”

“Me too!” Tina chirped.

LouAnne rolled her eyes. “Well, all right. As long as you promise we can keep our clothes on—”

“What?” Casie laughed.

“No clothes?” Tina asked, her eyes so round white showed all the way around her irises.

“I didn’t say anything about—” Casie said.

“I just want to make sure,” LouAnne said.

“The spell will commence fully clothed,” Casie said.

“All right then,” LouAnne said with a firm nod.

“So,” Casie began, “we’ll let’s begin.”

As we cleared the table and lit the candle, we fell into a kind of a hush. It felt to me like I imagined monks and nuns would go about their business. By the time I sat down at the dining  table with LouAnne and Tina, I was in an altered state, and everything looked somehow illuminated from within—tables, chairs especially everyone’s face. We were radiant.

“Think about what you want,” Casie read the spell’s introduction again. “You’re about to cast your intention out into the universe. Ask yourself, who do you want to come walking into your life? Who is the person you can not live without? How will you feel in their presence?”

And then, candles and incense burning, Pachabel’s Canon playing softly in the background, we began.

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