Love Potion Number Nine (part 9)

LouAnne and Tina began writing immediately. It was like they’d had this stored up and were channeling the information. But I hesitated, suddenly afraid. I’d had fleeting romances and mad crushes, but had never known real love, the kind where you want that person around forever. So what if I did something wrong with this spell and ended up ruining my whole life?

Casie whispered close to my ear, “Steady now,” and put a hand over my shaking one.

“This is a load of crap, you know,” I whispered back.

“Then it can’t hurt anything, right?” She squeezed my hand.

“Right,” I said and looked into Casie’s hazel eyes. As I said, we all were radiant that night, and Casie especially so. Her peaches and cream complexion, full lips and perfect little nose made her model worthy. There was something in the way she held my gaze that made time and reality both stop. I felt seen as I never had before. It sent a thrill up my spine—the idea that someone could see who I really was and not want to look away.

“To fantasy lovers come true!” Casie called, waving her ruby red pen in the air like a magic wand.

“To men!” LouAnne laughed, pausing her writing long enough to tap her pen against Casie’s.

“Yeah, and better ones than you find at Haley and Joe’s!” Tina declared, joining her pen to the others. We burst out laughing.

“To love!” I cried.

There we were, laughing, our colorful pens touching tips over the candle burning in the center of the table like we were some kind of special sisterhood. I felt like a we were a special sisterhood about to leave on a holy conquest. I smiled at our glowing faces and thought, “Something good will come from this.”

When the laughter died down Casie whispered, “Now we shouldn’t speak any more until we’re all done. We shouldn’t mess with the magic.” She disengaged her pen, bowed as she walked away, and settled into the bean bag chair across the room that took her weight with a whoosh! For a moment she held the pen to her lips, then with an impish grin at me, she began to write.

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