Love Potion Number Nine (part 11)

My sleep was full of dreams that night. But the only one I remembered in clear detail was me walking down the middle of a stream. I was following a snake that shimmied along the surface of the water. As it glided along, it shed its skin. First a black skin, which I picked up and ate, as if the snake were making an offering to me. This happened three more times with a green, red and brown skin. I ate each one. Finally, the snake was white. Sun glinted off the water and the snake’s skin, dazzling me until I was dancing through the water too, taking off my clothes until I was dancing naked in the water, following the snake down the stream.

The water was up to my chest when the stream divided into a fork and the snake disappeared into the water. I watched it coil around my breasts, winding its way down to my waist, over my hips, and then it darted between my legs before it disappeared. Panting, my whole body feeling charged, I looked back up at what lay before me.

Down either inlet a solitary figure stood silhouetted in the distance. I knew each was waiting for me. And I didn’t know which one to go to.

Then, in an instant, I was inches from one of the figures. It was Casie. She took my hands, smiling, and then I woke.

I lay still, trying to make sense of the dream. Why would Casie show up? I guessed Love Potion Number Nine hadn’t kicked in yet, that the whole snake part of the dream was just my body trying to remember how to wake up those long ignored sexual feelings.

Eventually, my screaming bladder, and Loopy meowing for food, forced me out of bed. I smelled bacon cooking and coffee brewing as I groggily made my way to the kitchen.

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