Love Potion Number Nine (part 12)

“Morning sunshine.” Casie was beaming. Her ability to greet the days with such enthusiasm usually annoyed me. I needed strong black coffee and a shower before I even wanted to look at another person, much less have them speak to me. But that morning, I found it charming. “Morning,” I said.

As that first day rolled along, I found more and more about Casie that charmed me. I was definitely looking at her with new eyes, but I didn’t think too much about it. I figured I was just in a good mood from our “spell casting” last night and the dream. But the good feeling extended to Sunday and then Monday and eventually a whole week passed.


On the first Wednesday morning after “our little love experiment,” Tina emailed us to report she’d had a fender bender with a man who turned out to be an attorney, on her way to work. His fault, completely, according to Tina, but we all knew Tina was infamous for applying makeup while sitting in stalled traffic on the freeway. After that, she disappeared from our radar for several days.

LouAnne, in typical LouAnne style, wouldn’t admit that Love Potion Number Nine had anything to do with meeting James. In fact, she didn’t bother to mention this development until our next girl’s night. And when she did, she attributed their meeting to timing, nothing more.

“But, hold on,” Casie said, “he’s been in your office all this time, only four cubicles away, and you only now noticed each other?”

“That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have happened anyway,”  LouAnne said, calmly sipping her wine. “We were bound to run into each other at some point.”

“Okay, whatever,” Casie rolled her eyes and snuggled closer to me on the couch, where we were all comfortably smooshed together, stockinged feet on the coffee table.

“You two haven’t met anyone yet, huh?” Tina said before popping a sugar-free, fat-free cookie into her mouth. She’s the only woman I’ve ever known who could eat and drink and still have all her lipstick on at the end of a meal.

“Naw,” I shook my head. But I told them that I’d actually noticed men looking at me that week, something novel for me, and I talked with a few, even more novel.

“Nope,” Casie said. “No men.”

“That’s too bad.” LouAnne nodded sympathetically. “But something’s changed about you two.” She sat up to look at us, tapping her chin.

“I can’t tell what exactly…”

“Maybe you guys need to redo the spell?” Tina suggested, sitting up, too. “Maybe the spell didn’t take for some reason.”

“God, Tina,” LouAnne blurted, “it sounds like you’re trying to get them pregnant or something.”

We all laughed. I was glad for it. The way LouAnne had been staring at Casie and me was unnerving. Like she was looking at lab rats or something. Without thinking about it, I moved slightly away from Casie. Immediately I missed her warmth, but I didn’t scoot back over. I was weirded out and I didn’t understand why.

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