Love Potion Number Nine (part 14)

Casie was always more willing to live life on the edge. She’d taken a year after college to travel solo around the world. She’d switched majors three times. She’d modeled nude for figure drawing classes. Somehow she knew she’d be all right. Things would work out. It was a quality of hers I both admired and resented. And here was a chance to follow in her foot steps. To be brave and bold. All I had to do was tell her I loved her, too. And yet, like she said, there we were—hearts wide open to each other. That vulnerability scared me silly. Instead of embracing our love, I started dating men. It wasn’t any fun, and I didn’t tell Casie.

When Casie called me on my “back stabbing, two timing” behavior, our relationship nearly ended. But we got through it, somehow, and in the aftermath, we found each other again. For about a week there was bliss, though I still had not spoken the words. The spell was broken at our next girls night.

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