Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 3)

Three steps later I was opening the drawer. “I need these,” I said.

“I wanna dance too!” Betty declared, reaching for the slippers at the same time.

RRRRIIIIPPPP!!!! Horrified, I stared at Betty, who stared at me with big blue eyes. My strapless ballet slipper lay on the floor between us.

“Oh no,” I groaned, the detached strap dangling from my hand.

“Uh oh,” Betty’s lower lip quivered.

Mom was there immediately. “Look what she did!” I screamed, holding up the pieces of my ruined slipper.

“Both of you. Downstairs. Now.” Mom ordered, taking the shoe parts from me. “It’s time to go.” Mom grabbed her sewing kit and our family piled into the mini van.

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