Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 5)

Half way through the show, my worst fear came true. I forgot my next move! I was pirouetting right instead of pirouetting left with everyone else! Near panic, I looked off stage, hoping to catch my teacher’s eye, but her attention was on someone else. Then I saw Betty. She was doing her version of a pirouette—and my next move! With that cue, I remembered what came next. Suddenly I was very glad my little sister was exactly where she was!

Before I knew it, the music ended and we were all bowing to loud applause. Betty ran on stage and threw her arms around my waist, announcing loudly, “My sister Ellie is the bestest dancer ever!”

The audience laughed. “I am not,” I blushed.

“Yes you are!” She reached up to hug me then kissed my cheek. “Ugh,” I laughed but hugged and kissed her right back.

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