Blindsided (part 4)

“Hey you.” Jack smiles. His brown eyes are blood shot and more shadowed than usual. His eyes are what made me fall in love with him in high school—the way they lit up whenever he saw me. He used to wink at me in the halls, a code between us for, “Come here. I want you. Now.” I would stop whatever I was doing, whether I was talking with a friend, or going to class. Jack Roberts wanted me. That meant everything. Having his attention made me somebody important. That’s what I believed.

No doubt had dared lay a shadow over my heart that the two of us would do anything but spend the rest of our days living one long happily ever after. Until the last six months, when an unfocused desire for something more made me forgetful about my birth control pills. I hadn’t planned to get pregnant, but I wasn’t sorry, either. I’d had two abortions already because “we weren’t ready.” I didn’t think I could go through that again, but look what happened.

I try to speak, but my throat is too parched. I want to tell Jack to stop talking.




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