Blindsided (part 8)

“Hey there,” Jack says, extending his hand across the bed. “I’m Jack.”

Officer Petty nods, reaching to meet his greeting. Their handshake comes together over my face.

“Sorry I’m late. Work.” Jack pecks my the cheek, and asks Officer Petty, “What’s going on?”

She explains her business and Jack says, “Oh, well, don’t let me get in the way of justice. That prick is gonna pay for what he did to my girl.”

Officer Petty gives Jack a pointed look and continues. “As I said, Mr. Cole, when he was able to continue speaking, said that his wife called for an ambulance. The medics arrived within five minutes, ma’am. Ma’am—” she begins.

She wants something from me, but I’m looking at Jack, who hasn’t taken his eyes off her.

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