Blindsided (part 10)

Officer Petty’s eyes go wide. “I didn’t realize that. I was part of the group, too, but I guess it was after you’d graduated because I never saw you. Your name came up though, especially every time we dropped toys off. Mrs. Galloway always mentioned you and how you had a way with kids.”

Mrs. Galloway. Language Arts teacher. Fifth period. She was a thin red head with crisp blue eyes behind wire rimmed glasses. My favorite teacher. The toy delivery group  had started because of a paper I’d written. She’d asked us to write a paper that dealt with a real social problem and name one way to make it better. I’d proposed the idea of delivery toys to sick and/or homeless children. I knew it wasn’t an original idea, but my “spin” was that the group would fundraise to buy gifts instead of relying on donations, and make the deliveries all year round.

Mrs. Galloway like my idea and approached me about starting the group. It took some convincing on her part, I was not someone who saw myself as a leader, even back then, but I eventually I agreed, and The Franklin Bulldog Toy Brigade began.

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