Blindsided (part 12)

“Are you sure, Ann?” Mrs. Galloway’s face had been full of concern when I told her I was leaving the club. “You’ve begun such a wonderful community here. New friends, and—“

“Yeah, I’m sure.” I’d told her, remembering how hurt Jack had been when I’d missed the last football game because we’d had a toy drop off scheduled for that Friday night at a children’s cancer ward. Jack had been so upset he’d told me the next day I had to choose. I chose him, afraid he really would leave me, ignoring any thoughts that he wasn’t being fair.

“It’s your decision of course, Ann,” Mrs. Galloway had said. “You will always be welcome back if you change your mind.” She looked like she wanted to hug me. I wish she had. I wanted her to hold me and tell me I was making the right choice. Instead, she patted my upper arm as she said, “Well, don’t make yourself a stranger. I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah, see ya around.” I turned away from her, afraid she would see the tears that threatened…

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