Blindsided (part 13)

“Yeah, that’s nice and all—” Jack says.

“Those experiences are what made me decide to enter law enforcement,” Officer Petty continues as if Jack hadn’t spoken.

“How’s that?” I ask. I’m aware that Jack’s nostrils are flared, and he’s pursing his mouth, a sure sign he’s getting annoyed. He whips out his phone, keys in the password, and opens FaceBook as he throws himself into the chair beside the bed with a snort.

Officer Petty looks at Jack, raises an eyebrow, and continues. “There was one little girl who’d been abused by her parents so badly no one was sure she was going to make it. I knew even if she did, her life would probably be rough after that kind of start. I wanted to be able to help families before things got that bad.”

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