Blindsided (part 14)

“Why become a cop? Why aren’t you a head doctor?” Jack’s voice is heavy with sarcasm, and he’s keeping his eyes on his phone. “You’re just picking up the pieces with this job.”

Officer Petty blushes. “Sorry. I’m not being very professional right now, telling you all of that.”

“Damn straight you’re not,” Jack snorts.

“Jack,” I croak.

He ignores me and stands to face Officer Petty. Jack’s cheeks have that mottled redness that means he’s furious. I hold my breath.

“Look, Officer Petty. My wife is tired. I’m tired. Why don’t you finish whatever business you have so she can rest?”

Officer Petty meets Jack’s gaze coolly. “Of course, Mr. Roberts. We were almost done.”

He holds her gaze a moment longer before muttering, “Good,” and sitting down again, his attention back to his phone.

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