Blindsided (part 15)

“Mrs. Roberts,” Officer Petty’s voice is once again professional, and belie the concern I see in her eyes. I’m surprised that someone I don’t even know would worry about me. “You were riding a bike at night, in the rain,” Officer Petty continues, “without a helmet or any reflective gear on. Is that…normal behavior for you?”

Before I can answer, Jack is on his feet. “She’s not on trial here.”

“I wasn’t inferring that she is,” Officer Petty answers.

“What’s the point of that question then? The old guy said he effed up. End of story.”

“The point of the question had to do with your wife’s state of mind, Mr. Roberts, I—“

“Jack—“ I begin.

“Be quiet,” he tells me. “Don’t say another word.” To Officer Petty he says, “You’re done now.”

Officer Petty closes her notebook slowly, pulls out a business card and hands one to me, holding my gaze until I feel tears well in my eyes. “If anything else comes up, Mrs. Roberts, my contact information is here. Goodnight.”

“Thank you,” I whisper, watching her leave.

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