A Kiss

You said all you wanted was a kiss.

A simple request, it seemed.

But I wondered…

…what is a kiss, really?


A kiss begins as an inspiration…

…a yearning in the mind

an ache in the body—

—to touch

—to taste

—to meld

—to know you in unique and intimate ways…


To know you

…with soft, ephemeral butterfly kisses

that cover your skin lightly

tasting as much as possible,

drinking you in with my senses…


To know you

…with lingering kisses

taking my time to explore the nuances of you,

learning the geography of your muscles,

the texture of your skin,

your rough whiskers,

your smooth chest

the fine hair at the small of your back…


To know you

…with hungry, breathless kisses

deep and wet

when all I know is the primal thrumming of my body

responding to yours…

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