Blind Date (part 6)

“It’s okay, trust me,” Glenn had said, right before he pulled a blindfold from his shirt pocket.

Gemma nodded, brushing her hair behind her ears as Glenn gently tied a red and white bandana to cover her eyes. He was a senior, two years ahead of her class-wise, but she had beat him every time during their debate team practices. He’d always been the one on top before she’d shown up, and made sure to remind her of that at every opportunity.

Gemma wasn’t sure what he expected her to do about that. Her friend had suggested she try out for the debate team, and, once she started, Gemma became obsessed. Debate was the one thing she was really good at; she was tireless when it came to researching the facts to back her case and took pleasure in delivering them with a knife-like clarity.

After Gemma’s first victories, Glenn gave her a wide berth, drawing the rest of the debate team away from her. She’d almost quit after some particularly snide remarks and someone leaving a rotting tomato in her backpack, but their coach has talked her into staying and planned the weekend “practice and bonding” retreat.

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