Blind Date (part 8)

“The first few steps are the hardest,” Glenn said. “Until you get how to walk without using sight.”

“Please stop talking,” Gemma said. She was having a hard time concentrating. She didn’t like not seeing. All the sounds and smells that would have been familiar to her with her vision intact were distorted—too loud, too strong. She was disoriented and thinking she should have told Skeeter no to the whole weekend, much less this stupid exercise.

“Come on, everyone’s getting way ahead.” Glenn tugged her hand.

“This is stupid.” Gemma reached for the blindfold, but Glenn’s hand stopped her.

“No,” he said, “we’re not going to give up. Just move your feet. I’ll tell you when something is coming or whatever. You’ll be all right,” he said and surprised her by taking her right hand and placed his left hand around her waist…

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