A Christmas Story (part 2)

And at 205 Wilder Street, on the front porch of Dr. and Mrs. Percy Henceforth, a group of nine kids huddled together and tried to decide whether their fifth annual night of caroling should come to an end.

“You know most people in town are going to be in bed within fifteen minutes,” Marci Collins said, smacking gum between perpetually pouting lips. At fifteen, she was ready for the world and could not wait to leave home for the city.

“How about one more?” Paul Stanley said. Bespectled and serious, he possessed the best baritone voice in school, and was the most talented player on the basketball team.

“No, let’s not. Besides,” Marci said, thinking about the fut covered hot water bottle she knew would be waiting between the down comforter on her bed, “we’ve done all the good houses.”

A murmur of agreement rippled through the group.

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