A Christmas Story (part 7)

“We should sing for her,” Mellissa said, looking at Stacy.

“You’re really being a pain. You’ve just ruined my life, do you know that?” Stacy frowned.

“I have not!” Mellissa cried.

“You have too! They’ll never speak to me again!” Stacy said.


“Oh! What do you know? You’re so stupid!”

A lump formed in Mellissa’s throat. “Well,” her voice cracked, “you’re selfish. You only sing for people who give you treats like you’re a dog or something. Woof! Woof!” And Mellissa ran down the stairs.

As her sister’s running form grew smaller, Stacy thought about following her friends, but knew she’d be grounded for life if Mom and Harry found out. So she ran after the red-mittened, red-capped figure, who was so agile in this ridiculous snow, and that fact made her even angrier.

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