Transcend (part 3)

“See what?” I asked, annoyed that my heart fluttered like a terrified bird, bruising me from inside.

“She’s glowing, Judith.” He pointed. “Just there, see?”

“No Horace, I don’t see,” I said, scanning the other benches and picnic tables. It was just us and the ducks, who had congregated near the lake for their afternoon nap, heads tucked beneath their wings. Even walkers were absent from the path that wound its way through the manicured lawn. The park was unusually quiet for that time of day, something I hadn’t noticed until then.

“Are you sure, dear?” He wasn’t looking at me, his wide blue eyes were moist with tears and trained straight ahead.

The trapped bird in my chest was thrashing, but I followed his gaze as best I could.

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