Transcend (part 11)

“Maybe,” I said slowly. “But I haven’t had any personal experience with angels. Have you?” I hadn’t asked Horace about his first family. I expected he would tell me himself when he was ready. But months had gone by and so far he hadn’t said anything.

Horace took my hand and held it against his lips. “Judith,” he began.


“There’s something—” he rolled onto his back, frowning up at the sky.

I felt chilled and alone, even though he was right there. It was the first time I’d experienced his “going away.” I didn’t like it. The look on his face and how unreachable he felt scared me. After a moment, I whispered, “What is it Horace?”

He turned towards me again, looked me in the eyes. “Do you love me?”

I wish I could say it was a romantic moment, but that would be a lie. Horace looked stricken. I would have said anything to wipe that expression from his face. “Yes.”

“You know I wouldn’t hurt you for the world?”

I nodded.

“Then I think I ought to tell you something about my past. It doesn’t have anything to do with you, Judith. Not really. But I’d rather you hear about it from me than someone else.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

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