Orchid (part 5)

All I can do is stare at him and clutch the flower closer. For some reason, it seem important to hold onto the orchid. What is he asking me? Why is he smirking at me like that?”  I am unable to say anything.

“All right then, I’ll let someone else pick you up!” The young man laughs then, and circles around me once before peeling off at full speed back through the entrance.

I watch the tail lights become dimmer and dimmer…


A cat, huge, black and sleek, with the most intelligent eyes I’ve ever seen in another living thing.

“Hello there,” I say, kneeling down to pet it. It feels good to have something alive here with me. As we get acquainted, a name comes to me. “Moriah, that’s what I’ll call you.”

She gives her sign of approval by brushing up against my leg.

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