Orchid (part 14)

My vision clouds over as I move to follow her. She’s barely visible now. She turns to look at me and I stop. Her eyes are all I can focus on. She asks me to come with her. My legs move automatically to follow her until I hear a voice. Moriah. She’s there beside the woman.

For a strange few seconds it seems that Moriah’s eyes have replaced the woman’s eyes. My gaze doesn’t waver, yet the eyes—first the woman’s, then Moriah’s, the woman’s, Moriah’s—it’s making me dizzy… Now both sets of eyes are there, superimposed over each other. It’s hard to breathe, it’s as if I’m in a vice grip…

Moriah’s eyes…

The world is turning gray. I sink to my knees…

The woman’s eyes. They are sad, she’s pleading with me to come with her…

Moriah’s eyes.

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