Fallen Star (part 13)

Why was she shaking her head no? No what? Was mom alive? The vision had been wrong? The idea of this brought tears of relief to her eyes, even though it didn’t feel quite true. It had all been a mistake.

The sirens stopped somewhere close by.

The second boy was handcuffed, and all the men were standing.

The officer talked into his radio. “I have two suspects in custody now. Wilson was in pursuit of the third.”
On the other end, someone talked in garbled, clipped words. The officer frowned at Jodi. sweat ran down his face. He wiped his brow impatiently.

Her knees shook under his gaze.

“Where?” he asked, keeping his eyes on her. “Copy that. We’ll need female backup here.”

Jodi stumbled backwards. The people behind her held her up, but she barely noticed their touch, she was staring at the tatooed woman, who was openly crying.

From somewhere in the crowd, Stacy began crying, screaming Jodi’s name until she was moved forward. She came to stand by her sister’s side, grabbing her hand. “What’s happening?” she asked as three more officers—two men and a woman—stepped inside the inner circle.

“Okay, folks, we’ll take it from here,” one of the male officers said. “Go on about your business.”

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