Fallen Star (part 20)

“There wasn’t any lady,” Stacy announced. Her feet swung inches above the carpet.

Jodi swiveled her entire body until she gaped at her sister. “Yes, there was.”

Stacy shook her head, the tips of her blonde pony tail hitting the sides of her cheeks. “Uh uh.”

Jodi let go of Stacy’s hand and turned to Dr. Mitchell. “Yes, there was,” she repeated.

“Liar,” Stacy said, just under her breath, not loud enough for the psychiatrist to hear.

“Why—” are you doing this? Jodi wanted to ask, but couldn’t finish. It was as if the she’d been punched in the gut. She couldn’t breathe. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go.

“Jodi has an over-active ‘magination. That’s what mom used to say,” Stacy told the doctor.

“Yes, well.” Dr. Mitchell tapped his pen against the clipboard propped on his lap.

“She had invisible friends until she was ten,” Stacy continued.

“Shut up,” Jodi growled.

“Her screaming keeps me awake at night,” Stacy complained. “I can’t—”

Jodi jumped from her chair. She heard Dr. Mitchell clap his hands and demand that she sit. But it was too late for that. Her arm was already in motion.

Stacy’s eyes were huge as she cowered in the chair, and for an instant, Jodi saw raw pain reflected in their hazel depths. But only for an instant before Jodi’s fist grazed her sister’s brow bone, just before Dr. Mitchell grabbed her arms and jerked her away. He was saying something, but Jodi couldn’t hear as she crumpled to the floor, her hands over her ears, eyes squeezed tightly shut.

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