Fallen Star (part 26)

It began to rain. Jodi barely noticed. As soon as she saw her mom’s name, tears pricked her eyes and spilled over, mixing with the rain drops hitting the paper. It wasn’t long before it was impossible to tell if it was tears or rain making the words harder to read.

Brenda May Sutters, aged 42, of Welton Place was killed in what police are calling constructive manslaughter. Suspects in the crime are being held in juvenile detention. Their names are not being released. A hearing date has not been set yet.

Funeral proceedings for Brenda May Sutters, mother to Jodi Lynn Sutters, age 14, and Stacy Anne Sutters, age 10, was held on August 15. Over 500 were attendance to offer condolences for the former Roosevelt High School English teacher’s family.

The hearing date for the three minors accused of being involved in the death of 42 year old Brenda May Sutters has been set for October 20. It will be a closed hearing, due to the age of the defendants.

Jodi read the short articles over and over until the rain began disintegrating the paper. It didn’t matter. She had their contents memorized, just like the last image of her mom’s face. She sat staring at nothing, then got on her bike and went riding, as hard and as fast as she could. She didn’t feel the rain. Or the cold. She certainly didn’t feel the phone vibrating in her back pack. She didn’t feel anything in fact, or have any idea where she was going.

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