Fallen Star (part 29)

“Hello,” the tattooed lady said, opening the door wider. She looked the same as the day at the fair, right down to the handkerchief-hemmed dress.

Jodi didn’t wonder at that, any more than she wondered at being dry as soon as she stepped inside. Heat radiated from the fire crackling in an old brick fireplace. On the hearth in front of it, a purple pillow was bed to an orange tabby who did nothing more than twitch in his sleep at Jodi’s arrival.

The walls were adorned with colorful, childlike paintings. In the middle of the room a small table was set up, with a chair at opposite sides. In the center of the red and gold tablecloth sat a deck of cards, face down.

The tattooed lady indicated that Jodi should sit at the table.

Jodi sat, and watched while the lady sat opposite her.

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