The Proposal (part 12)

“Nice to meet you—” he began, taking her hand to shake.

“I’m Lettie Molyzner. I’ve been assigned to you during your term.” She smiled, letting go of his hand and turning her attention to Ayn. “And this must be your daughter, Ayn.”

Ayn stepped from the solar craft and stood beside her dad. “Nice to meet you Ms. Molyzner,” she said.

“You may call me Lettie,” Lettie said, taking Ayn’s hand in a firm shake. She was shorter than Ayn by a good five inches, but there was nothing diminutive about the way she carried herself.  “And now, let me escort you both to be prepped to meet Father Gheraeld.”

“I have my speech…right…here—” dad said, patting his jacket pockets.

“In your shirt pocket, Dad,” Ayn said out of corner of her mouth.

“Thanks, sweet pea,” he said, taking the phone from his shirt pocket.

“Ah, that’s fine. We’ll take a look at that.” Lettie held out her hand.

Her dad gave a quizzical smile. “I’m not sure that’s necessary.”

“You’ll feel better knowing your speech has been approved, won’t you?”

Her dad nodded. “Of, of course,” he said and handed her his phone.

Lettie took the phone in her free hand. “Good. Now follow me.”

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