The Proposal (part 17)

Ayn wiped her sweaty palms against her skirt, hoping no one would see that or how her knees were shaking. Why was she so nervous anyway? she chided herself. So she had to meet Father Gheraeld by herself. So what? He was just a person. Just the hero who had made it possible for us to leave our dying planet two generations ago for this one. Just the man who had appointed Dad as Chief Science Counsel. Right. He had all the power. She couldn’t mess this up. She was so caught up in her thoughts, she bumped into Lettie, who had stopped at the door. “I’m sorry,” she gasped, grabbing the woman’s arm.

Lettie pulled her arm away. “I’m fine, Ayn,” she said, her voice stern. “Do pay attention, though. Now, are you ready?”

“Sure.” Ayn swallowed.

“Very well.” Lettie turned to face the two men at the door, and the door was opened for her.

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