The Proposal (part 22)

Her dad kept fidgeting with his phone while Father Gheraeld introduced him.“With his brilliant work in genetics, Professor Erwin Hyarzden is the best person to join our Counsel and help us reach our goals of self sustainability within the next ten years. Please welcome our new Chief Science Counsel Professor Hyarzden.”

Her dad squeezed her shoulder as he stood.

“And we’ll be welcoming his lovely daughter, Ayn to the Counsel Compound as well,” Father Gheraeld added.

Ayn felt her face flush. She didn’t want everyone’s attention. She tried to hide her embarrassment with a smile and wave to the applauding crowd. As she scanned the sea of faces, she saw Lettie. The iron-haired woman sat at one of the front tables with some of the other Counsel members and their spouses, staring at Ayn with a grim expression on her face.

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